Saturday, April 12, 2008

Review: Tall, Dark and Hungry (Argeneau Vampires #3)

Etienne and Rachel are already married.

Lucern and Kate are about to be married.

Bastien is a lonely, busy bachelor taking care of the family business...until he meets the unexpected.

Tall, Dark and Hungry is the third novel of the Family Argeneau series by New York Times Best-selling author, Lynsay Sands. This novel centers around Bastien, 500-year-old vampire and only Argeneau brother who hasn't married his lifemate, or soulmate, in the family. A person's lifemate is one whom you can naturally click together and always want to stay by his/her side. You cannot read their thoughts or actions, a sign of true love and compatibility.

It is New York City where Lucern and Kate will have their wedding. Kate's cousin from England, Terri, wants to fly in before the wedding to help assist her cousin. Bastien is the best man and Terri is the maid-of-honor. Unfortunately, most hotels in NYC are not inexpensive. So Lucern and Kate thought that she should stay at Bastien's luxury penthouse for the time there. However, Bastien's cousin, Victor, vampire stage-actor who is frivolous and wild, is uncontrollable when it comes to his hunger desires. The last thing Bastien needs is Terri with bite marks on her neck!

Bastien has always thought love and romance were awful nuisances rather than his normal operational business workload. The one woman he loved left him leaving him in tears and fear. Terri was once a married woman who moved to England to be with her loving husband, before he caught cancer and died in her arms. Both people are afraid--but want--someone to cherish forever without making the same mistake(s) again.

As the preparations for the wedding are not going as smoothly as planned with many distractions, Bastien and Terri discover a secret, highly-sexual love for each other. It take confidence and courage to overcome their anxious, emotional hearts.

Stay tuned for the next book in the Argeneau Vampire series, A Bite to Remember.

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