Monday, October 27, 2008

Documentary: A Haunting in Connecticut (Discovery Channel)

The Discovery Channel did a special documentary about a real-life haunting, A Haunting in Connecticut. It will definitely frighten you (not recommended for young children). Here is the story: A family moved into an old Connecticut home to live near the hospital where their teenaged son receives cancer treatment. What they did not learn was the residence used to be a funeral home. The family begin to see paranormal activity, such as ghosts, shadows and demons. Their teenaged son's health and behavior worsens so much that they commit him to a mental hospital. Paranormal investigators arrive to help rescue the family from these dark forces.

Haunted house. Dark entities. Did that scare you? This event is based on a true story. You can watch the entire documentary (9 parts) online here (make sure you click on the link below to view the entire post).

There will also be a full-feature film based on this documentary called "The Haunting in Connecticut" scheduled for theaters in 2009. You can view the trailer by clicking here. I am looking forward to the movie. Enjoy the show.

UPDATE (April 3, 2009): Don't even bother watching the 2009 film, The Haunting in Connecticut, that has been recently released in theaters. The ratings are so bad, and the plot uses too many familiar cliches and plot elements from other previous thrillers. Stick with the documentary.

UPDATE: January 2019: Click here to watch the video of the documentary.


The Wandering Jew said...

Thank You Wicked Melody, I love what you did with "A Haunting in Connecticut." I love the way you set it up and The documentary was exactly what I wanted to see..

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

Thank you posting the Discovery Channel documentary of a Haunting in Connecticut. I missed it when it showed on air and was glad I found it on your website.

Wicked Melody said...

Thanks for the comments. I look forward to writing a review about this movie in a few weeks!

Ivan Batallas said...

I believe these people dabbled in witch craft something that they open and wish they didnt the one thing I hate about these werid movies the never talk about what the family was truely into to experiance this it could happen opening the door to demonic activity can only happen if you truly let them in I the fact the bring God into is as a last resort if this was happening to my family I would of been gone the next day

Anonymous said...

Does anybody at all know what town the show takes place in. I live in CT & my friend & i watched it & we are like i wonder where its located so yea does anyone have a clue to where it takes place??? if so please respond thanks

Vampire Girl Attack You Again said...

I don't know the people can believe in everything, so what's the problem? why do we have to descover the truth? If the spirits exist they need the peace, so give that... don't look for them, just let's them go

Kimberly. said...

The documentary "A Haunting in Connecticut" is based on a house in Southington, CT. I live down the street from the house &have always heard the story of the haunting. When I saw the documentary I was 100% sure that is the house they are referring to. In the discovery channel documentary they show over head photos of the house, these ARE real photos. There are photos &footage from inside the house, although I'm not sure that the footage of inside the house was taken from in the actual house. The house is located right up the hill from Bradley Hospital in Southington.