Sunday, September 5, 2010

New York Man Survives 39-Story Fall from Apartment

Some people are wondering whether divine intervention played a role in this miraculous story. A New York man, 22, survived a 39-story fall from an apartment complex after he tried to commit suicide. He landed on a parked car where he broke his legs. Meanwhile, the owner of the parked car admitted he rarely parks in that zone. He wonders if the rosary beads in his car saved the man's life.


Liz said...

I love stuff like this. It's like what happens after a plane crash, or whatever -- and you hear all the stories about reservations changed at the last minute, so someone was saved (or not). Or someone stopped for a bagel on the way to work, and so didn't walk into the Twin Towers at the normal time on 9/11/01. Or ... you understand! There's a documentary called "Something Unknown ... is Doing We Don't Know What ..." that tries to explain the science behind psychic phenomena -- it features celebrities and leading experts in science, alternative medicine and para-psychology, talking about the world of the unseen. Does mind over matter really exist? Can some people read your mind or look into the future? The movie shows how psychic power is a part of our inherent nature.

Don't you find yourself wondering if that guy is GLAD the car was there, or not? He was trying to commit suicide, after all. Hopefully he got the help he needs.

Jessica Penot said...

It is amazing what people can survive!