Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music: "Cristofori's Dream" by David Lanz

This is David Lanz's "Cristofori's Dream." He is a Grammy Award-winning new age pianist. Born in the Pacific Northwest, he learned the piano in his childhood. As one of the early innovators of New Age music, he believed the piano was one of the "most divinely inspired instrument on the planet." He wanted to entertainment that also enlightened people. He has his own record label, Narada.

This song topped the New Age charts in 1988, which was Number One on Billboard's first adult alternative/New Age chart and eventually sold platinum. I love listening to this song because the melody is beautiful and tranquil. The nature and season scenes complement the music well. You can also find this track on the Pure Moods III soundtrack. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Year, More Expectations

Happy 2010! This is the third year I have maintained this blog, and 2009 was a very successful year. I had over 50,000 visitors! It exceeded my estimates, and I want to thank everyone for visiting and supporting this site. I still plan to roll out more reviews and supernatural news this year even if I am busy with schoolwork. I will have more reviews uploaded soon.

Please also consider donating your time and efforts to the crisis in Haiti. My heart goes out to the people there.

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