Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tsubasa Chronicle "Ring Your Song" Video

It has been over two years since I have heard this song. This poem is so beautiful and sad that tears run down my face. This is "Ring Your Song" by Kajiura Yuki featuring Itou Eri. You can find this song on the Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape IV soundtrack.

Tsubasa Chronicle is a fantasy series about a young boy (Syaoran) who travels with companions through dimensions to retrieve all the feathers that would save his dear princess' (Sakura) life. The stanza highlights Syaoran's long journey and Sakura's lost memories, which symbolizes a new future. No matter what challenges lies ahead, Syaoran is determined to protect her until the very end because he loves her. I found this music video, which perfectly illustrates the special love Syaoran and Sakura have for each other.

Now we've come so far from darkness
And we'll never be apart
So we leave for tomorrow
To start our lives again

Find me there my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
You will calm all my sadness
And sing your song only for me

Find me there my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
I will calm all your sadness
And sing my song only for you

For you

Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Video: "Rose Red" by Emilie Autumn

It has been a while since I posted new artists. I discovered Emilie Autumn through a friend, and her music is pretty amazing. She is well-known for her vibrant long pink and red hair color and flamboyant theatrics. Her music generally has a medieval and gothic rhythm with modern percussion. The name of this song is "Rose Red", a fast-beat mysterious melody based on a medieval fairytale. Her voice echoes throughout the song. The lyrics are posted in the video. This song is from her album, Enchant. Enjoy!

Review: Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2)

Mechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places--and in dark ones. And now she owes one of them a favor. Since she can shapeshift at will, she agrees to as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kind.

But this new vampires is hardly ordinary--and neither is the demon inside of him...

Blood Bound, by Patricia Briggs, is the second novel in the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy Thompson, a coyote shape-shifter and auto mechanic, has her hands full these days. She was raised in the supernatural. She grew up among werewolves and has vampire and fae acquaintances. She can even see and talk to ghosts and turn into coyote anytime. She's also involved in a love triangle between two dominant werewolves: Alpha wolf Adam and her possessive roommate, Samuel, son of the Marrok (leader of all North American werewolves). Poor Mercy, who finds herself always in their presence.

A new, malevolent sorcerer-turned-vampire is causing death, destruction, and fear among the supernatural community. Mercy agrees to help her vampire friend, Stefan, with a case that is terrorizing the Tri-Cities in the state of Washington. Although her vampire and werewolf companions are much stronger, they realize her special abilities will save the town from further havoc and defeat the demon-possessed sorcerer once and for all. Before she can investigate, she must watch out for the vampires in the community who have their own schemes. This intense story plot where the supernatural lives beside ordinary people is full of suspense, drama, and terror.

I really enjoyed this novel because Mercy Thompson has a very likable personality. She has the tough, girl-next-door look who is independent and smart. She is used to dealing with domineering men throughout her life, and cares about her friends. She lives in an alternate universe where she's an auto-mechanic in the human world, and a coyote shape-shifter with special abilities in the supernatural world. She is well-respected and can be affectionate towards others. I believe Mercy will become display more exceptional qualities later in the series.

The character development and story pacing were very good. The plot was filled with surprising turns and romantic triangle moments. I almost feared for Mercy's life because her friends were captured and imprisoned. She became the strong hero who defied expectations and saved the human and supernatural world from a powerful, destructive force. Readers would like this attribute about Mercy. I definitely enjoyed this novel better than Moon Called. I can't wait to read more novels from Briggs.

Stay tuned to the next novel in the Mercy Thompson series, Iron Kissed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson's Ghost in Neverland

Larry King had an exclusive CNN interview with Jermaine Jackson about the death of Michael Jackson. A video camera caught a footage of Michael Jackson's ghost walking into his ranch home, Neverland. Watch the clip at the 8:21 mark.

This further proves that ghosts ARE real. That was Michael Jackson's spirit. You can discuss this video on the AboveTopSecret thread.