Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review: Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire #5)

Now, Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who's behind the attacks -- unless the killer decides to find her first...

Dead As a Doornail, by Charlaine Harris, is the fifth novel of the Southern Vampire (“Sookie Stackhouse”) series. The setting is contemporary winter season in the rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. As a cocktail waitress at Merlotte’s Bar, Sookie Stackhouse has a secret gift: she can read people’s minds. (She’s telepathic). She’s around 26 years old. As if things could not be normal around her, her brother, Jason, has been turned into a shapeshifter from a bite in the previous novel. Before she can accept his changed condition, someone is targeting the shape-shifting community with murder. And the community suspects Jason, as the newest member, is responsible.

Unfortunately, Sookie is vulnerable when someone nearly burns her house down -- with her still inside. Eric, Viking-era vampire, gives her a bodyguard for security reasons and Bill, her first vampire lover, returns for her rescue. To make matters worse, Alcide (from Club Dead) asks for her support in a werewolf ceremony to choose the next clan leader. Along these journeys come ongoing love triangles and dangerous consequences. Why does someone want to murder Sookie? Can she clear her brother of any wrongdoing? Can she save those around her before it's too late?

this book was a very quick read (try four days!) for only being 300 pages. I was relucant to read this novel since I was very disappointed with Dead to the World (check my links below for my review). However, this book did not disappoint. Loaded with action, romance and suspense, this is the type of book that clearly marks Harris' talent. I cannot wait til the sixth book comes out since there is still more to learn about some new characters in the novel. This is your typical mystery-supernatural novel with lots of drama and action.

As much as I wanted to give this five stars, the ending did not really impress me. It is quite open given that we never hear again about one character who nearly almost killed Sookie. Does Charlaine Harris plan to write more about this character in her next novel? If not, then she really messed up by incorporating character development on that person. I am still curious as to what will happen to them. Don't expect a happy ending with Sookie and Alcide either. It seems that Sookie never gets a break because her life is either in constant danger or she is "employed" to work for the vampires and werewolves. Expect more supernatural beings to pop-up in this novel: shapeshifters, fairies, werewolfs, vampires, oh my! As for Bill fans, don't expect much drama between him and Sookie. ::sighs:: But Eric fans should not be disappointed.

Overall, this book was nice for getting through those long days and perfect for indoors rainy weather season.

295 pages, Hardcover, $22.95 Price

Stay tuned for the next novel in the Southern Vampire series, Definitely Dead.

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