Tuesday, February 17, 2009

UFOs and the Origins of Ancient Civilizations

Have you ever wondered if extraterrestrial life exists in our universe? Have you ever wondered how did some of the world's greatest ancient civilizations produce vast advanced technologies in writing, commerce, astronomy, and government? Some theorists believe that humans have had contact with an alien-UFO presence since the beginning of time. One connection these societies all have in common is their association with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). They worshiped and recorded their observations of these strange sightings from the sky in texts, sculpture and paintings. Notice the peculiar humanoid creatures and flying objects in the sky? Are these images based upon pure imagination or are these based on actual encounters with UFOs?

I highly recommend watching the History Channel documentary, "Ancient Aliens - Fallen Angels" (Click here to download the video.). This documentary explores the ancient writings and clues which point to some form of extraterrestrial interventions in human history since the biblical era. Do you believe in the existence of UFOs now?

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