Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'Supernatural' May Only Last 5 TV Seasons

Recent news from Entertainment Weekly have reported that the popular CWTV series, Supernatural, may only last one more season:

All those new Supernatural acolytes, however, may find themselves wishing they'd showed up sooner: The cast and crew's ''godfather,'' executive producer and director Kim Manners (The X-Files), passed away in January; Padalecki, 26, and Ackles, 31, are exhausted; and Kripke has long maintained that he wants the series to last only five seasons — that's one more, then they're done. As Kripke told his writers at the beginning of this season, ''Let's be bold. Let's delve into the stories headlong. Let's not tap-dance around them because we're scared, or because we have to save something for tomorrow. Because we don't know if there will be a tomorrow.''

This means that the entire TV series may only have a total of five seasons. The popularity of the show already rivals CSI and Grey's Anatomy, averaging over 3 million viewers weekly. There has been no official announcement of a sixth season. The main actors (Ackles and Padalecki) have also stated that they are ready to move on to other projects and move closer to family and friends after season five.

With the weight of their workload and Manners' death casting a pall on the set, Ackles and Padalecki are also eager to move on, even as they affirm their love for the show. ''We don't live at home. We don't sleep in our own beds. Our families aren't here. Our friends aren't here. Our girlfriends aren't here,'' says Ackles. ''To do it for another five years, or whatever, I don't know if I could handle it.'' Padalecki concurs: ''I enjoy working, but what's the point? Do I want to just keep on doing photo shoots and work so I can get more famous so I can do even more photo shoots and work and fly to more places to do more press?... I get sick of talking about myself.''

Meanwhile, the next episode (April 23) will introduce a third Winchester brother (Abel). He looks younger and could add more drama and assistance in their fight against rogue angels and powerful demons. This is very exciting news for fans.

If there will be an extension to the Supernatural series, I will definitely update you!

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