Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Occult Academy (2010)

Occult Academy (2010) is a Japanese science fiction anime that takes place in contemporary Japan. It ccontains 13 episodes.

The plot centers around two characters, Maya Kumashiro and Fumiaki Uchida. Maya is the daughter of the deceased former headmaster of Waldstein Academy, which has been thrown into chaos after a series of paranormal events. Walstein Academy is the premier private institution for the study of paranormal disciplines. As a result, it is also known as the Occult Academy. In the future (2012), Fumiaki is a secret agent who travels back to the past (1999) to save the world from alien destruction. Their arrival has caused people to live underground (think of it as loosely based on The War of the Worlds). He must find the Nostradamus Key, which will prevent the apocalypse.

When Fumiaki arrives, he becomes a history teacher at the infamous Occult Academy. He meets Maya, who is the temporary headmaster and a skeptic of the paranormal. She originally had the intention to destroy the school. Fumiaki tells her that the school is ground zero for the apocalyptic event that will destroy the world. He has a specialized cell phone that will allow them to find the Nostradamus Key. This will lead to a more peaceful world in the future. They work together to not only find the truth behind Maya's father death, but also discover what is the cause of the growing paranormal activity in the city.

I enjoyed watching this short series. It was slow in the beginning, but it gradually grew on me when I finally understood the storyline. This is not your typical science fiction show with a surprising twist in the end. It also has comedic and romantic elements. Overall, it was good show that amused me. The creators were able to infuse both paranormal and science fiction into an innovative story. The OST music was also good. I highly recommend it.

I will update this post when the DVD becomes available.

This is the trailer for Occult Academy with English subtitles:

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