Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day in Germany Witches-Style

I have never heard of this German event, but it sounds very fascinating. he Harz Mountains region is the location of many German fairy tales featuring witches and goblins. This event also occurs six months before Halloween (October 31), marking the end of winter and the beginning of summer in the region:
Berlin - Up to 150,000 self-styled witches and warlocks, New Age practitioners and the simply curious are converging for May Eve revelries on the summit of the highest peak in the Harz Mountains in northern-central Germany Saturday night.

Children in spooky costumes will participate in parades and street fairs in villages on the slopes of the Brocken, the mountain immortalised in Alexander Borodin's 'Night on Bald Mountain' orchestral suite.

Bonfires will light the nighttime skies on mountain tops in the Harz region as local communities held their own May Day Eve festivals marking the end of winter and the coming of summer.

In case you are feeling nostalgic for the song, Night on Bald Mountain (a witches' sabbath theme by Modest Mussorgsky), you can listen to the embedded YouTube video below:

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