Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Micah's Magick (Elemental Witches Novella)'s Magick, by Anya Bast, is a novella based on the Elemental Witches series. Micah, a handsome research and development scientist for the Coven, lost his magick after the attack in Witch Fury. Since he can no longer use his own magick to conduct experiments. Emily Randolph, a gifted earth witch, volunteers to assist him with testing spells in the research lab. Although Micah still grieves for his loss, he continues with his work and gradually notices Emily's beauty.

Word spreads that Sefan escaped the palace in Eudae, another dimension where Coven witches have their origins. Although he lost his magick, Stefan is still a threat to all witches on Earth. Four witches -- Claire, Adam, Micah and Emily -- are chosen to capture Stefan alive in Eudae. They must find him before he starts another war with Coven Witches. In addition, Micah may discover another magick precious to him.

I was delighted to find this novella on the Internet because I always wondered when Bast would create another story. The Elemental Witches series is full of dark mystery, paranormal romance, and sexual fantasy. Each witch has a special elements (air, fire, water, and earth). Since this is free, please do not plagarize her work. I hope Bast continues to write more interesting tales about the Coven witches.

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