Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Lunchtime Reading Omnibus (P.N. Elrod)

Lunchtime Reading Omnibus, by P.N. Elrod, is a collection of Elrod's 16 short stories, spanning 15 years of writing in different genres. They have been re-edited and re-polished for this edition. Fans can now enjoy all the short stories in one book! It also contains 12 Vampire Files short stories, including a never-before-published story originally made for the novella, The Devil You Know! This collection is great to read one at a time during lunch break or before bedtime. For new readers, it may captivate you to buy her novels and view her visit her official website.

I have been an avid fan of P.N. Elrod since my high school days (Has it almost been ten years already?!). She was my first vampire mystery author, influencing me to pursue my undergraduate studies in Chicago (where Jack Fleming lived) and explore other paranormal mystery authors, such as Charlaine Harris and Tanya Huff. Although I think Elrod is underrated, her loyal fans have stuck by with her all these years. Her level of detail and characterization is amazing. I hope she publishes another Vampire Files novel because I can't wait to start on it!

Each story has been polished afresh for this anthology. Below are the titles:

  1. A Night at the (Horse) Opera (Vampire Files, Fleming)
  2. The Breath of Bast (Vampire Files, Ecsott)
  3. Bossman (Original mystery, no vamps)
  4. Slaughter (Vampire Files, Fleming & Gordy)
  5. The Devil's Mark (Original historical vampire)
  6. You'll Catch Your Death (Vampire Files)
  7. Izzy's Shoe-In (Historical mystery introducing Izzy DeLeon, fearless girl reporter)
  8. The Quick Way Down (Vampire Files, Fleming and Gordy)
  9. The Scottish Ploy (Original romance/mystery)
  10. Grave-Robbed (Vampire Files, Fleming)
  11. The Company You Keep (Vampire Files, Gabriel Kroun)
  12. Death in Dover (Jonathan Barrett before he got vamped, historical mystery)
  13. Drawing Dead (ALL NEW VAMPIRE FILES, Fleming)
  14. King of Shreds and Patches (Hamlet from a different point of view, mystery)
  15. Fugitive (Science fiction/space opera)
  16. BONUS STORY! The Wind Breathes Cold (Quincey Morris: Vampire)

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