Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: Siren's Call (A Dark Tides Novel #1)

>No man can resist it. There are some things that can't stay buried -- even in the deep of the ocean.

Siren's Call, by Devyn Quinn, is the first novel in the Dark Tides trilogy. Lighthouse keeper, Tessa Lonike, favors her solitude on Little Mer Island, off the coast of Maine. She has a deep secret: she is a mermaid! As she approaches thirty, she wonders if she will ever find her soulmate. Her last boyfriend, whom she thought would be her life partner, ditched her for another woman. As a result, she has shifted her priority to raising her younger sisters and embracing her Mer heritage.

One fateful night, Tessa spots a man drowning under the ice-cold waters from the lighthouse. She could call emergency, but the paramedics will never reach the beach in time. Cursing under her breath, she rushes to the shore, dives into the stormy waters, and transforms into a mermaid with long strawberry blonde hair and a velvety tail. Using her magical abilities as a mermaid, she easily pulls the man to shore.

When Kenneth Randall awakens on the beach, he cannot believe he is still alive. He is alone, but still remembers a beautiful savior rescuing him in the bay. A year later, Kenneth returns to Maine to find and thank the person who saved him. He reunites with Tessa, determined not to let her slip away. When he encounters her in mermaid form, he is both speechless and amazed by her beauty and determination. For once, Tessa can relax around a human who does not see her as a freak of nature.

Just as the sexual attraction between the two escalates, Tessa's former boyfriend reappears in town with a clue that could unlock the secrets to her Mer heritage. The trio travel to the Mediterranean Sea in search of answers, and what they find in the deep depths of the sea will change Tessa's life forever. She will have to choose between the world of her ancestors and a life with her true love.

I have always wanted to read a novel about mermaids. This genre is so underrated that is is very difficult to find a high-quality novel about these beautiful mythical creatures. Sometimes, I wish I could transform into a mermaid (ha-ha). Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Dark Tides series on Satisfied with the good reviews, I decided to check it out from my local library. I was amused and surprised by the science fiction elements in the latter half of the novel. It has been a while since I have read a science fiction novel, so this was a very refreshing plot device. Mermaids also have amazing magical abilities and can live a long time. It ends on a cliffhanger, which encourages readers to read the second novel and see what happens next with the Lonike sisters. IF you are a serious mermaid fan, I highly recommend this book in your collection.

Stay tuned for the next novel in the Dark Tides trilogy, Siren's Surrender


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