Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Siren's Desire (A Dark Tides Novel #3)

While fighting for their lives, they must battle dark and forbidden desires hidden in the ocean's depths.....

Siren's Desire, by Devyn Quinn, is the third and final novel in the Dark Tides series. After defeating the covert federal agency that threatened to destroy the Lonike sisters, Addison Lonike, the youngest of the three sisters, grudgingly resumes her life as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in Maine. The sisters promised not to swim in their mermaid form in the bay. However, Addison would love nothing more than to take on the dangerous Mer queen, Magaera, who is determined to destroy the descendants of Queen Nyala, who once loved a human and sealed Ishaldi, the land of the Mer, inside a the dimensional wormhole separated from the outside world. As her older sisters settle down and start a family, Addison can't take the risk--until a terrorist attack in her hometown changes everything once news spread that her brother-in-law has been seriously injured and her oldest sister, Tessa, has been kidnapped by Queen Maegara.

Before Addison could freak out, Mason McKenzie, captain of the naval task force on the hunt for Queen Maegara, arrives at her doorstep. He wants to recruit Addison to join him team in the Mediterranean Sea. After the terrorist attack, Addison vows to find Tessa and defeat the evil queen. But while at sea, Mason and Addison begin to develop a wave of passion for each other that threatens their independent natures and their mission. An encounter with a new race of male sea-shifters further complicates Addison's desires and knowledge about the Mer. Pressure builds once she learns that the Mer need a queen to lead them. Now, she must choose between her life in the sea and the deepest longings of her heart....

Set in the contemporary era, Quinn wrote a magical/romance adult series about the lives of three mermaids trying to balance life in the human world and under the sea. The author incorporates Greek/Roman mythology along with fantasy, action, and science fiction in this trilogy series. Siren's Desire was the best novel in the series because it answered lingering questions in the previous novels as well as provided some closure for the Lonike sisters and the future of the Mer. I am fortunate that I discovered Dark Tides series earlier this year because adult novels about mermaids are very difficult to find. Although I wished this series was extended another three books, it ended on a good note, even if the last chapter seemed a bit rushed. I hope that the author considers writing novellas or short stories about the Lonike sisters to keep readers updated on their lives. Given their unique personalities, they were a real treat to read, and I will miss reading about their adventures.

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