Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Small Favor (The Dresden Files #10)

In the novels of the Dresden Files follow the cases of Chicago's only professional wizard, Harry Dresden, and his never-ending battle against the evil that plagues his world....

Small Favor, by Jim Butcher, is the tenth novel in the Dresden Files series. Harry Dresden's life seems to have calmed down. The White Council's war with the Red Court has reached a stalemate and no one has tried to kill him for nearly a year. He also trains his apprentice, Molly Carpenter, in the art of wizardry. For once, his future looks bright and peaceful.

However, everything was going too well to last forever. The past comes back to haunt Harry Dresden when an old debt resurfaces by the Winter Court Fae Queen, Mab. He still owes her two favors, and it was time to pay one of them off. This one small favor turns out to become a nightmarish trap that pits Harry Dresden between an extremely dangerous foe (fallen angels) and an equally deadly ally (Summer Fae Court) that threatens to straight his loyalty to his friends and colleagues.

Butcher delivers another action-packed mystery that continues to test Harry Dresden's survival skills against all odds. As Harry battles dangerous situations that would frighten most action heroes, he uses his wit and improvisation to outsmart his intelligent enemies. His love life still stinks, but fallen angels and dark fae occupy his mind. Too often, his friends have come very close to the brink of death. My only concern is can Harry actually survive the impossible in his next investigation...

Stay tuned for the eleventh novel in the Dresden Files series, Turncoat

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