Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: One Grave at a Time (Night Huntress #6)

How do you send a killer to the grave when he's already dead?

One Grave at a Time, by Jeaniene Frost, is the sixth novel in the Night Huntress series. From the back cover:

Having narrowly averted an (under)world war, Cat Crawfield wants nothing more than a little downtime with her vampire husband, Bones. Unfortunately, her gift from New Orleans' voodoo queen just keeps on giving-leading to a personal favor that sends them into battle once again, this time against a villainous spirit.

Centuries ago, Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. Now, every All Hallows Eve, he takes physical form to torture innocent women before burning them alive. This year, however, a determined Cat and Bones must risk all to send him back to the other side of eternity---forever. But one wrong step and they'll be digging hteir own graves.
One Grave at a Time is Frost' best masterpiece in the series. When I thought this series was getting dull, Frost picked up the pace with the introduction of the hardest foe to defeat: a spirit who is already dead but torments innocent mortals every year. Cat and Bones are determined to finish this case, but they can't use the usual weapons (silver and stakes). They must rely on wit, strategy, and the assistance of a medium to defeat this terrifying menace. I loved reading every bit of the plot, its twists and surprises. This was a refreshing change that got me rooting for Cat and Bones again.

Sadly, I am not looking forward to the last book in the series. What makes the Night Huntress series so fun to read are the characters (and their idiosyncrasies), their pasts, and chemistry together. Night Huntress is one of the best adult vampire series out there if you desire mystery, humor, and action in the mix. Nevertheless, this novel increased my interest in the series again and I can't wait to see what Frost has in sore for her loyal fans.

Stay tuned for the last novel in the Night Huntress series, Up from the Grave.

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