Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review: Pita Ten (2002-2003)

Pita Ten ~Clinging Angel~ (2002-2003) is a Japanese anime children's series centered about a young boy who is protected by an angel apprentice in the human world. Their unlikely friendship leads them onto several mysteries and adventures. It contains 26 episodes and is based on the manga by Koge-Donbo.

Kotaro is your average sixth-grade boy although he lives alone with his father. When he was younger, his mother died while protecting him from a moving vehicle. This change forces him to take over some of the chores at home, such as cooking and cleaning. Nonetheless, he is worried about the pressures of school while enjoying a simple life with his friends. But what starts out as a usual morning changes drastically. On his way to school, he opens his front door to be confronted by a pink-haired girl named Misha. The female angel apprentice is his new next-door neighborhood and wants to be his friend. Kotaro attempts to escape and avoid her, but this new next-door neighbor is quite persistent to be by his side at all costs. Although she is older (junior High School student), she has chosen Kotaro as her project. Together with Takashi and Koboshi, they get into all kinds of weird situations. Especially when they come across Shia-san, a demon apprentice, who is actually too kind to be able to be a demon.

Although Pita Ten geared towards a younger children's audience, adults would find this anime quite cute and enjoyable to watch. The storyline is sweet, funny, and innocent. It's not trying to compete with serious adult romances. The series sends the message that these kids should enjoy life to the fullest, including ordinary things around you. When Kotaro realized what he missed about Misha, he liked her companionship and honesty. Even if she is a klutz at times, her concern is genuine--she wants to make him happy. I thought the execution of the series was flawless because it is light-hearted enough that the audience doesn't feel overburdened by the characters. When it becomes serious, you become sympathetic and teary for the characters' decisions. Overall, Pita Ten is one of those shows that will continue to entertain (both for its beauty and silliness) you for years to come.

Opening Song: "Wake Up Angel ~Negaimashite ha Mugen Nari~" by Funta

Ending Song: "Chiisana Mahou" by Miyuki Sawashiro

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