Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: Master of Mosquiton (1997)

Master of Mosquiton (1997) is a Japanese supernatural anime. The original animation video (OAV) contained six episodes (30 minutes each).

The story takes place in 1920s Shanghai. A young girl named Inaho uses her blood to awaken an ancient vampire that she learned from her grandmother so she can obtain the O-part. It is said that the O-part can grant immortality. Thus, Inaho dreams of being young and beautiful forever for her servant, Mosquiton. She begins her quest for the O-part at 15. As the years go by, however, she gets increasingly more desperate. The search for the O-part will eventually lead the team to London where a giant pyramid mysteriously forms in the middle of the city! Inaho also does not realize what danger she has gotten herself into when an ancient enemy and ex-fiancee from the past re-appear for Mosquiton.

Master of Mosquiton is not well-known but it is definitely worth the watch. First, the animationi n the OAV is top-notch. Second, the opening music fits the theme and time frame (early 1900s) of the anime. Third, the main cast is enjoyable to watch. While Inaho is an annoying teen girl, Mosquiton and his servants are what make the show a success. In addition, Camille (ex-fiancee) always bring comedy to the show. Overall, this show has serious replay value even if it was produced in 1997. You may have to re-watch it again to better understand what's actually going on. I do not recommend the 1999 anime series version because it is a sub-par retelling of the 1997 OAV.


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