Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: Bite Club, Last Breath, and Black Dawn (Morganville Vampires #10-12)

Bite ClubAfter discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that the undead just want to live their lives. But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble. 

There's a new extreme sport getting picked up on the Internet: bare—knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against each other—or humans. Tracking the remote signal leads Claire—accompanied by her friends and frenemies—to discover that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville.

Last Breath: With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville, student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace. She soon discovers that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is someone new to town-a mysterious individual named Magnus. After an uneasy encounter with Morganville's latest resident, Claire is certain Magnus isn't merely human. But is he a vampire-or something else entirely?

Black Dawn: With its eclectic mix of vampire and human citizens, Morganville, Texas, has always been a risky place to call home. But with the invasion of the vampire’s deadliest enemy, Morganville isn’t just in danger—it’s dying…

Claire Danvers and her friends get their hands full when they must battle the vampire's worst enemies: Bishop and the draug. In Bite Club, Bishop reappears to seek vengeance against Amelie, the town's ironclad ruler. Michael and Eve finally decide to test the town's rules on vampire-human marriage. In Last Breath and Black Dawn, the vampires' secrets are revealed: Amelie and her vampires had been running from the draug ("water vampires") for centuries with no way to destroy them. The vampires had a few strong hits here and there but usually at a great cost. Morganville was supposed to be a safe haven for vampires since it's located in the desert away from water sources. This time, however, the Morganville vampires have no where else to go. When Claire discovers the draug's weakness, hope is in the air. So, vampires and humans go down fighting -- not without sacrifices.

This was an interesting arc because it exposed the vampires' secrets and weaknesses. I always wondered why Morganville, Texas was picked as the setting for the town. Furthermore, Claire begins to question her own future in Morganville. If the vampires no longer have a powerful foe, what will become of the human residents of Morganville? The Bishop and draug sagas have been a fun and adventurous ride, and I look forward to the last arc in the series (hard to believe it will be over so soon!

Stay tuned for the thirteenth book in the Morganville Vampires series, Bitter Blood: The Morganville Vampires .

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