Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Ghost Stories (2000-2001) Stories (2000-2001) is a children's supernatural anime. It has 20 episodes and takes place in contemporary Japan.

The story begins when Satsuki and her younger brother, Keichirou, move back to their deceased mother's hometown. ON their first day of school, they meet three other kids (Haijime, their neighbor, Momoko, an older schoolmate, and Leo, a classmate and friend of Hajime who has an interest in ghost-hunting) and visit the abandoned school building adjacent to their current school complex. Upon their discovery, the abandoned school house is haunted. When young Satsuki stumbles upon an old book of spells from her deceased mother, she gains the power to fight ghosts and evil spirits that are haunting her new school. It was Satsuki's deceased mother who was responsible for sealing the ghosts inside a hill. However, a residential development project threatens to release them into the human world again. With the help of her friends and a possessed devil cat, she must protect everyone around her. While the devil cat, Amanojaku, does not want to help Satsuki, the danger soon threatens the entire town and it is up to the group to stop the evil spirits.

This anime is good entertainment if you are interested in ghosts. The encounters with spirits will scare you. It has that nostalgic "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" feeling too. This anime is available to buy on DVD in Japanese and English dubbed versions. The dubbed version would be rated MA or R for use of adult references in American popular culture (I think the producers were aiming for an adult audiences). This anime is not appropriate for children.

Opening Theme: "Grow Up" by Hysteric Blue

Ending Theme: "Sexy Sexy" by Cascade

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