Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review: Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson #9)

Mercy Thompson has been hailed as "a heroine who continues to grow and yet always remains true to herslf." Now she's back, and she'll soon discover that when the fae stalk the human world, it's the children who suffer..."

Fire Touched, by Patricia Briggs, is the ninth novel in the Mercy Thompson series. Tensions are growing between the fae and human communities. Fae who once lived in the human world have resettled on reservations in North America. Nonetheless, trouble is always present around coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam. A rampaging troll nearly becomes too much for the werewolves to handle until a mysterious child rescues them.

Mercy and Adam found themselves in a bind when they learn this child is a chanegeling--a human with fae-like powers--with a special secret. He is fired-touched (gifted with the power of fire) and fae would love to get their hands on him. Mercy and Adam and the pack promise to protect the child no matter the cost. In the meantime, they must forestall an out-and-out war with the fae.

Briggs delivered another masterpiece in Fire Touched. Mercy Thompson has certainly grown into her full potential as a coyote shapeshifter and mate to an alpha wolf--Adam and Mercy were made for each other. She feels more confident in her own skin and knows how to stick to her personal convictions. She stands her ground which is what I like about her personality. Whether a child is involved in fae politics or a werewolf is considering suicide, Mercy courageously handles the situation with compassion and determination. She takes on dangerous challenges that seem impossible yet she prevails in miraculous ways. Each scenario makes Mercy grow wiser and braver with age. I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series. Stay tuned for further updates. 

[Updated February 2019] The next novel in the Mercy Thompson series is Silence Fallen.

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