Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven

It is a full moon tonight, and I am listening to classical music. This is the popular Moonlight Sonata (1801) by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest 18th and 19th century German composers in history. He wrote emotional and masterful symphonies. He was a genius pianist. However, later in life, he became paranoid, troubled and detached. Doctors said he died from cirrhosis of the liver and dropsy. What really happened to him? (Click on the link below)

Here are some quotes I found on the Internet:

"That day was tragic. There were heavy clouds in the sky… around 4 or 5 in the afternoon the murky clouds cast darkness in the entire room. Suddenly a terrible storm started, with blizzard and snow… thunder made the room shudder, illuminating it with the cursed reflection of lightning on snow. Beethoven opened his eyes and with a threatening gesture raised his right arm towards the sky with his fist clenched. The expression of his face was horrifying. His hand fell to the ground. His eyes closed. Beethoven was no more."


"On Tuesday morning, Walsh stood at a lectern at Argonne National Laboratory, near Darien, and verified what some had suspected about the great composer who was plagued for three decades by digestion problems, chronic abdominal pain, irritability and depression: He had died from lead poisoning.

So confounded and distressed by his plight, which also included extremely foul body odor and halitosis, Beethoven left written requests that a physician examine his body after his death to determine the cause of his demise in hope of saving others from the same fate.

Using advanced X-ray technology at Argonne, scientists helped confirm that Beethoven, who died in 1827 at age 56, had 60 times more lead in his system than what is considered average today."

Legend has it that he sold his soul to demons to become famous and fantastic. His fame and talent cost him his life -- the final payment.

Enjoy the night everyone.

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