Saturday, May 3, 2008

Review: Claymore (2007)

(2007) is a dark Japanese anime fantasy series. In this medieval world, humans co-exist with demonic creatures (Yoma) who feed off human organs. As shapeshifters, they are capable of changing into human form and living in disguise amongst humans. A nameless and highly confidential organization has created superhuman female warriors, called Claymores, who can battle and destroy these Yoma with their giant swords. Villages seek out and pay Claymores to kill the Yoma. As half human, the warriors can retain their sense of humanity and duty. As half Yoma, they have supernatural strength and abilities. However, once they reach the powerful Awakening Being stage, they become something more terrifying and must be hunted down.

This series follows the adventures of Clare as she fights Yoma and struggles with the death of her Claymore guardian, Teresa, in her childhood. After Teresa's death, Clare decides to become a Claymore using Teresa's flesh. She is determined to take revenge on the Awakened Being that killed Teresa. on her journey, she acquires a human friend and travel companion, Raki, who also witnessed a Yoma kill his family. As the series progresses, Clare improves her skills and increases her power. She becomes a better fighter and gradually earns the respect of other Claymores.

I really loved this series. I sympathized with Clare because carries a heavy burden within her soul. She lost someone so precious to her. Clare becomes more open and considerate as the show progresses. Each adventure improves her self-worth and determines her fate. Other Claymores also start to question the mission of the organization. I hope there will be a second season of Claymore (It may take 1-2 more years before it even becomes a consideration.) The music was also fantastic. Riyu Kosaka's "Danzai no Hana ~ Guilty Sky ~" definitely captures the soul and ongoing determination of Clare. I highly recommend the show.

This series is available to buy and rent on DVD.

  • TV Episodes: 26
  • OP Song: "Raison D'etre" by Nightmare
  • ED Song: "Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~" by Riyu Kosaka

Raison D'etre by Nightmare

Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~ by Riyu Kosaka

[Updated January 2019: For Claymore fans, here is the English version of Danzai no Hana]

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