Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Miracle: Angel Saves Dying Daughter

Christmas is the season of miracles. We give to one another and take care of the sick and needy. Last night during the holy hour (midnight) I prayed to God to bless me and my family and to guide us through these very tough times on the path to righteousness. I came across this article and it really touched me. This was truly a Christmas miracle.

The picture shows proof that angels DO exist. That bright light in the hospital hallway was an angel who saved that severely ill teen girl, Chelsea Banton. Although she endured many challenges with her health, Chelsea had the courage to live and her family believed in her. It was not her time to die yet.

If you are still skeptical, here is another article about a pregnant woman who stopped breathing when the doctors went through an emergency Caesarian section to deliver the twin babies. When the doctors had about given up on her, she became conscious again and opened her eyes. This stunned the doctors! This was another Christmas miracle.

What do you think about these stories? According to a CBS News 12/21/08 article, 70% of Americans believe angels exist. Many people believe in their own versions of angels (guardian, messenger, or other). Nevertheless, we live in a supernatural world.

Watch the video below!


Anonymous said...

Just did, Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I love this story because i think it showed alot of people to have faith. The angel shows us if we just believe and keep hoping for something, it just might happen.