Friday, December 12, 2008

TV Show: Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel)

Ghost Adventures is a paranormal detective TV series on the Travel Channel. It airs new episodes every Friday at 9:00pm Eastern Time. Zak Bagans and his main camera crew, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, search and investigate haunted locations around the world. During their investigations, they scope out the general area, interview locals about the history of the hauntings, and go face-to-face during lockdown (from dusk to dawn) with the spirits who reportedly haunt these places. Zak and his crew try to provoke the spirits to reveal and show their presence. They use the latest electronic technology and camera equipment to capture evidence and prove the existence of the paranormal.

This is a good show to watch, and I'm positive there will be a second season in the near future. Their award-winning documentary first appeared back in June 2008 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Their camera results have definitely shown evidence that they were in the presence of spirits and other supernatural phenomenon. To learn more about Zak Bagans' background and future events, check out his interview on Cinema Suicide and their MySpace page.

I need to clarify though the crew do not investigate locations with very powerful evil spirits. I say this because there have been well-documented incidents where people inadvertently entered very unholy/evil places and never returned alive. (Yes, they died.) This show will make you realize that ghosts exists and the supernatural is definitely real.

[Updated January 2019] It is now available to buy on DVD on Amazon.

Watch the Ghost Adventures trailer below.


Anonymous said...

This is a great show and I have dedicated a page to all of their information! Visit and add your blog link!

Andrea Allison said...

I'm still not sure about this show. I think they take interesting approach but yet sometimes they go a little off the wall for me.