Friday, August 7, 2009

Egyptian Bust Looks Like Michael Jackson

The Field Museum in Chicago has a 3000-year-old ancient Egyptian limestone bust that amazingly resembles the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in his final days. It is most apparent with the eyes, lips, and broken nose. It went on public display in 1988. Michael Jackson also based his 1993 music video, "Remember the Time," in Ancient Egypt. It is quite eerie.
“I have no idea whether Jackson ever visited the museum,” a Field spokesperson said to the Sun-Times' Michael Sneed. “But the similarity between the limestone statue of a woman – which is about 3,000 years old --- and Jackson is astounding.”

Interestingly, Jackson cast himself as an interloper in ancient Egypt in his video for “Remember the Time,” so maybe he sensed some Egyptian roots.

Could Michael Jackson be the reincarnation of this ancient Egyptian?

UPDATE #1 (August 11, 2009): Sony Pictures will release a movie of the canceled "This Is It" Michael Jackson concert on October 30, 2009. You can also purchase the DVD by clicking here. "The world will see what our team was so fortunate to experience, which was the full commitment, passion and creativity that Michael put into the project," [director Kenny] Ortega said in a statement.


Miztification said...

When I saw this, I thought back to that video...What are/were the odds of this???!!!! Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

Wicked Melody said...

I thought the same. Michael Jackson looks just like the Egyptian bust in his "Remember the Time" video. We live in a very strange world. ;)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I saw this at the Field Museum on Aug 1st. Both of at the same time were like "That's Michael Jackson". Kinda funny to see it in the news a couple days later/