Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Trinity Blood (2005)

Trinity Blood (2005) is a Japanese science fiction anime that takes place in a futuristic setting where there is peaceful co-existence between vampires (Methuselah) and humans (Terrans) in the post-Armageddon era. This show contains 24 episodes.

The Methuselahs are a major political and military force who continue to wage war on the "Terrans," as they call the human inhabitants of Earth. The Vatican, based in Rome, is a major military power determined to protect humans from major enemies. The Methuselahs have their capital in Byzantium, which is surrounded by a field of particles to filter out UV radiation, thus protecting the Methuselah population.

In order to protect the humans from the Methuselah, the Vatican has to rely on other allies to counter the situation. The protagonist, a priest called Peter Abel Nightroad, travels through the countries as a representative for the Vatican. However, he is also part of "Ax", a special operations group controlled by the Cardinal Catherina. Abel's secret identity is feared among the vampire population: he is a Crusnik, a genetically-engineered vampire who drinks the blood of other vampires.

Meanwhile, an unknown rising power, the Rozen Kreuz, threatens to disturb the peaceful co-existence and bring about another apocalypse. When an independent kingdom loses their beloved Queen, actions are taken quickly to find the "Star of Hope" who can restore order and peace between the Terrans and Methuselahs. Abel's encounter with a young girl called Esther and his quest to find his missing twin brother, Cain, will also determine the future of Earth.

Many years ago, I was excited to watch this series on television stations like Cartoon Network (aka Adult Swim). But somewhere long the way I got busy with schoolwork and had to set aside this show. Fast forward almost six years later, I have finally finished this anime. Trinity Blood is both entertaining and mysterious. The creator used extensive research to develop a future that weaves smoothly both religion and the supernatural.

The idea of a vampire that feeds on other vampires is a new concept. Abel, who wants to atone for his sins from the Armageddon era, has the absent-minded professor appearance but can turn into a blood-sucking intimidating power in his Crusnik form. As a representative for the Vatican, Abel is able to use his position to search for the Star of Hope and investigate the whereabouts of his missing twin brother, Cain. The action is intense and filled with religious metaphors. Nevertheless, I thought the ending seemed incomplete because Abel never found happiness. His journey still defeat Cain.

I still recommend this anime for fans who like a science fiction twist about vampires. When the author, Sunao Yoshida, died unexpectedly of a lung blockage in 2004, his friends and family pushed for this popular story to become an anime adaptation. Their efforts paid off very well. The music is also fantastic (BUCK-TICK also sang the opening theme for Nightwalker: Midnight Detective.) Enjoy the show!

Opening Theme: "Dress (BLOODY TRINITY MIX) by BUCK-TICK

Ending Theme: "Broken Wings" by Tomoko Tane

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