Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Moonlight (2007-2008)

Moonlight (2007-2008) is a vampire detective series about a sexy vampire who wants to help others and find a cure to become mortal again (think of it as a modern spin-off of the cult classic, Forever Knight). Based in contemporary Los Angeles, Mick St. John is a vampire private investigator who became a vampire in the 1950s when his beautiful vampire bride, Coraline, turns him during their honeymoon. He shuns the vampire lifestyle when Coraline kidnaps a human girl. As a way to atone for his past sins, he avoids drinking human blood and solves murder mysteries.

Mick eventually falls in love with Beth, who was the same human girl that Mick saved from Coraline. Now a broadcast news reporter for Buzzwire, she assists Mick with gathering information for murder cases. Over the years, he watched her from a distance because he felt drawn to protect--and possibly love--her. Meanwhile, the series highlights a popular dilemma with vampires: is eternal life a blessing or a curse? In the end, Mick knows a vampire-human romance is eternally alluring and dangerous.

Moonlight originally aired on CBS during the 2007-2008 television season. The season was truncated to 16 episodes due to the Writers Guild Strike. Because of that, the series at times feels unresolved--especially in the finale when ratings were improving but the strike hindered continuous progress. When interest to revive the series became possible in 2009, all the actors had moved on to other projects. Thus, the show became permanently cancelled.

Nevertheless, Moonlight is well-crafted and has beautiful production value. The plot also had similar undertones to Forever Knight. Some fans would say it was a total rip-off of the cult classic; others were delighted to watch a modern version of Nick Knight on television again. The 16-episode, 4-disc DVD set was also voted the 2008 People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama. While I wished it had continued for a second season (what would have happened to Mick St. John when an unknown person wants to reveal his identity to the public?), this show will not disappoint fans and newcomers who like their vampires sleek, sexy, and passionate.

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