Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Siren's Surrender (A Dark Tides Novel #2)

Sometimes the secrets between a man and a woman are best left to the ocean's depths...

Siren's Surrender, by Devyn Quinn, is the second novel in the Dark Tides novel series. Gwen, the middle daughter of the Lonike sisters, refuses to embrace her mermaid heritage. She felt embarrassed about showing her scale pattern (often mistaken as tattoos) and exposing her iridescent tail. In fact, she rather blend in as a human and manage her beachfront hotel in Port Rock, Maine. But her peaceful life ends when her older sister, Tessa, returns from the Mediterrean Sea with news of an existing ancient mermaid civilization. Gwen can no longer ignore her Mer heritage.

Black Whittaker, a covert-ops agent and former military officer, wishes he was never assigned a paranormal case in his childhood home of Port Rock, Maine. For nearly seventeen years, he avoided the place because it brings back crushing memories of his abusive and alcoholic mother that he rather forgets. He reminds himself that this is a normal case and will leave as soon as he follows standard procedure and questioning on the Lonike family.

But the tides change when Blake meets and falls in love with Gwen that fateful night at the hotel. He also stumbles upon a dangerous mermaid incident that nearly ends his life. After the event, they are transferred to a secret army base to learn more about the abilities of the Mer. Blake serves as liaison to the Lonike family while also remaining true to his mission. He must keep the family safe from an evil nemesis bent on their destruction. As the situation becomes more serious, how long can he keep his true feelings from Gwen? Will he have to give up his career to be with the one he loves?

This is another fantastic novel about mermaids! With a combination of action, suspense, and romance, Quinn did a great job with this plot. Although the ending felt very rushed, this book showed the downside of being a Mer -- Gwen's insecurity about fitting in with the human population. This is the opposite of the first novel (Siren's Call) where Tessa fully embraced her Mer heritage, including the abilities and language. The author also gives readers a glimpse of the evil nemesis' thoughts and her intentions on earth. I look forward to reading what awaits in the third novel this summer. If the author has the chance, I would appreciate short stories (especially background and follow-up stories) on the Lonike sisters and their husbands.

Stay tuned for the third and final book in the Dark Tides novel, Siren's Desire.

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