Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files #8)

Harry Dresden -- Wizard: Lost items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.

Proven Guilty, by Jim Butcher, is the eighth novel in the Dresden Files series. Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard in Chicago, has been promoted to Warden after the war with the vampires thinned their ranks, resulting in the loss of over three-fourths of the Wardens. In his new role as Warden and regional director, his responsibilities are to be prepared and ready to engage in battle and to report warlocks and incidents of black magic to the White Council, the governing body of all professionally-trained wizards. It also comes with a pay raise, much to Dresden's delight. Before he can enjoy the perks, a new paranormal case that is much more personal needs his attention.

There are rumors of black magic in the Windy City. When malevolent entities appearing straight out of a horror film wreak havoc at a convention, Harry must race against time to figure out where they will appear next and who is responsible for releasing this destructive magic. When his best friend's daughter is kidnapped by these monsters, the investigation leads Harry and his team to the mysterious world of Faerie. Harry will need every bit of assistance to rescue the daughter and make it out alive in one piece for this dangerous mission.

Harry decides to make the tattooed, pierced, and rebellious Molly Carpenter (eldest daughter of his friend, Michael Carpenter) as his apprentice, under similar circumstances to his own apprenticeship under Ebenezar McCoy. Harry also had a personal stake in this case -- he survived a trial after killing his mentor and Warden-turned-black mage, Justin DuMourne, in self-defense. The act of sparing her life results in both Harry and Molly being placed under the Doom of Damocles, with Harry responsible for all of Molly's actions, and they both being killed if any of them step out of line with the Council.

Jim Butcher has produced another thrilling masterpiece in the adventures of Harry Dresden. He has found his half-brother, added a new pet as his companion in action, received a promotion as Warden, reconciled with Michael's wife, and will now become an apprentice to a young inexperienced mage. The stakes are also higher since any missteps with the White Council will result in his death. In the meantime, he has developed alliances with the Summer Court (and enemies with the Winter Court). Despite his complex history with the supernatural, Dresden always seems to find a way to save the day and restore order in his territory.

Since it is now officially summer, I have more time to catch up on other exciting book series and anime reviews. It also means I need to take a seasonal break from this series. I will resume the Dresden Files novel series in September 2013. It's a short hiatus as I work on other important projects.

Stay tuned for the ninth novel in the Dresden Files series, White Night

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