Monday, January 7, 2019

Sailor Moon the SuperLive Coming to America in March 2019

I have exciting news for Sailor Moon fans! Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the SuperLive concert is coming to the United States! There will be a total of four performances. The locations are Washington, DC (March 24, 1 show) and New York City (March 29-30, 3 shows). For more details about the event, please visit Sailor Moon News.

Here is a description from the Warner Theater in Washington, DC:
The series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, written by Naoko Takeuchi, debuted in Nakayosi, a leading girls comic magazine published by Kodansha, in 1991. As a new type of performance based on this series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -The Super Live has clearly distinguished itself from a conventional musical. The full 80-minute performance, with an overwhelming sense of speed, dance, images and special effects, premiered in Tokyo in August 2018 and again in Paris in November 2018, and was highly praised. The show will make its North American debut. This entirely new live performance is sure to captivate audiences around the world!

I have reserved my ticket to attend the concert. Due to high demand, available seats are becoming limited. Hurry before the tickets run out! Relive your childhood memory of the Sailor Moon series. In the meantime, fans should check out this English rendition of the original 1992 Sailor Moon's opening song, Moonlight Densentsu by AmaLee (there's a surprise near the end -- see if you can recognize the lyrics!)!

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