Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Favorite Music from Anastasia the Musical

As a fan of the original animated film, Anastasia (1997), I will always cherish this magical story. Last spring (May 2018), I had the opportunity to visit and watch the Broadway rendition in New York. I had the ideal seats where I had a full view of the stage. The experience was so worth it! I was impressed as I got to revisit my childhood and listen to new songs to this classic film. I loved the music so much that I purchased the Anastasia the Musical soundtrack. "In My Dreams" is a new song from the soundtrack. It is one of my favorites (I have too many to list in this post). On the soundtrack, I also enjoyed "Once Upon a December" and "Stay, I Pray You". In "Journey to the Past", the lead actress performs a duet with the original singer, Liz Callaway, from the 1997 animated film. How awesome is that?? Relive the moment and check out the videos below.

"In My Dreams"

"Journey to the Past" (a duet featuring Liz Callway, the original singer from the 1997 animated film!)

I highly recommend the Broadway version in New York City. Reserve your tickets while it lasts!

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