Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Insert Songs from the Fushigi Yuugi OST

It is now February, and Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away.. It is hard to believe that this blog is nearly ten years old! In this post, I want to reflect on a wonderful anime series, Fushigi Yuugi. If you are new to the series, please take the time to read my published review of Fushigi Yuugi on my blog. After the Sailor Moon series, Fushigi Yuugi has to be my second favorite Japanese anime series that had a tremendous effect on me. I loved everything about this show--the fantasy, the tear-breaking romance, and the mysterious clues that left audiences guessing on what lied ahead for the main cast. I have re-watched several times since college, and it never disappoints me. It's not a perfect anime, and didn't receive tremendous global success as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon but Fushigi Yuugi will always be special in my heart. I highly recommend the series.

I also love the Fushigi Yuugi original soundtrack. The songs have become timeless classics in Japanese anime. I have so many favorites and it was hard for me to narrow the list. Below I have provided a few of my favorite songs from the Fushigi Yuugi series. I didn't include insert songs from the OVAs -- I didn't want to spoil the ending! All three songs were sung by singer Satou Akemi, who provided most of the discography on the Fushigi Yuugi series. Sadly, she is no longer active in music. She had such a beautiful voice. Nevertheless, her immense talent bought raw emotion to the story. Thank you for these treasures.

Fushigi Yuugi OST - For the One I Love~ (ballad version)

Fushigi Yuugi OST - Wakatte-ita hazu

Fushigi Yuugi OST - Only Tonight

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