Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Novel Fall 2009: "Dark Road Rising" (Vampire Files #12)

Jack Fleming's got his hands full with his wounded partner in the hospital and girlfriend Bobbi falling for the siren call of Hollywood. Jack is dodging the cops, two mob torpedoes out for his blood, running Gordy's operation, AND keeping track of a dangerously unstable vampire!

I am proud to announce that the 12th novel, Dark Road Rising, of the Vampire Files series will be officially available for purchase as a trade paperback in Fall 2009! This is very exciting news. I am a major fan of P.N. Elrod's work, and I cannot wait to read more about vampire detective Jack Fleming's adventures in 1930s Depression-era Chicago. If you have not heard of the series, click on the "elrod" label on this site to learn more about her novels. I currently review the Jonathan Barrett Gentleman Vampire and Vampire Files series. Stay tuned for more information in 2009.

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