Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review: Bite Me If You Can (Argeneau Vampires #6)

But until they stop a renegade bloodsucker from destroying the human race, passion wil have to wait!

Bite Me If You Can, by Lynsay Sands, is the sixth novel in the Argeneau Vampire series. The story begins in Kansas City with bar-owner and Harvard graduate, Leigh Gerard. She fled an abusive relationship and decided to make a fresh start in her new hometown. Leigh considers hereself very independent and self-sufficient. In th early hours of the morning, she is attacked, kidnapped and turned by a renegade, powerful vampire named Morgan on her way home. Her life as a human has forever been altered. The turning is quite painful. Meanwhile, three hunters who terminate rogue vampires come to her rescue.

Lucian Argeneau, the leader of the hunters, is handsome, stern and strategic. As one of the oldest-living vampires in the world, he is responsible for enforcing the ancient rules that keeps other immortals from exploiting the human population. The nanos keeps his body healthy and attacks anything that harms him. Sunlight increases the need for more blood to repair additional damage. He must destroy any immortals who turns humans recklessly for their own reasons.

Having lost his wife and young children nearly 2000 years ago, there is little in life to excite him. He walks immortality as dull, arrogant and grumpy. When Lucian rescues Leigh and brings her to his sister-in-law's house in Toronto, Ontario, he faces some new challenges. He cannot read her thoughts and becomes her unofficial, unwilling tutor on vampire traits. Worse, he left all of his important belongings, such as credit cards and cell phone, back in Kansas City and must take care of the family dog, Julian. His Argeneau vampires are either absent, on vacation, or refuse to help him with Leigh's turning. Lucian has never had so much responsibility dropped on him all at once!

When Lucian realizes he's falling in love with Leigh, life suddenly seems brighter and merrier. He takes interest in her ideas and hobbies. He finds everything around him more meaningful. He's even eating and drinking coffee and thinking about sex! Finally, he cannot read her mind. Does this mean she is his lifemate, the one who he will spend eternity as husband and wife? Lucian must figure out how to become the right man for Leigh and protect her from Morgan, who still remains at large. Leigh will also discover why she is so special to Morgan.

It has been a while since I have last read Lynsay Sands' novels. I was so happy to find this book in my local library. I wanted to continue the series before I get further behind. Almost 400 pages in length, this book is similar to Love Bites where the new vampire must learn to live with her status and get to know her male vampire hero. I was sure there would be plenty of romance, comedy and action to satisfy me. I couldn't wait to read about Lucian's story. The alpha male of the Argeneau family, he would have so much wisdom and power as a 2000+ year old immortal.

This novel can be very slow to read. It it took me a while to get to the more interesting sections. Both characters have problems with long-term commitments. There was definitely more focus on the light-hearted romance than the vampire characters in previous books. The main characters already sense they are meant to be together so there's little suspense and not much plot development. Morgan does not reappear until the very end, and the action was brief which disappointed me. Lucian might be detached from the rest of society, but I thought he was ridiculed too much for his unawareness of modern living and lack of a sex life.

I believe this novel would be among the least memorable in the series. I still recommend it but don't have high expectations if you're already a Sands fan.

Stay tuned for the next novel in the Argeneau Vampire series, The Accidental Vampire.

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