Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review: Devil Hunter Yohko (1990-1995)

Devil Hunter Yohko (1990-1995) is a fantasy Japanese TV show (6 OVAs total) about a high school girl, Yohko Mano, who discovers she is the 108th-generation successor to a line of ancient powerful warriors who fight and banish demons and evil spirits from earth. As Yohko tries to balance school life and martial arts training, she will face her ultimate test when she meets the demon who started it all. She is voiced by the beautiful and legendary Japanese seiyuu (voice actress), Ayu Hamasaki.

For centuries, the Mano family has been responsible for slaying demons. Yohko's grandmother, Madoka, is the 107th warrior. Her mother, Sayoko, could not fulfill the role because devil hunters ("mamonos") must be a virgin when the secrets are revealed to take on the power and responsibility. Yohko is a typical teen girl: sixteen years old, athletic and crazy about boys. When she is attacked by an underwater demon at her school's pool, a burst of energy releases from her soul and defeats the creature. She learns from her grandmother that her power has been manifesting as she grew up to become the next Devil Hunter.

This is an old series (early 1990s), and it was one of the first anime shows I've ever seen since I was a child. It reminds me of Sailor Moon. When Yohko transform into her Devil Hunter attire (tradtional Oriental dress that emphasizes her bosom and long legs), she is sexy and can kick major demon ass. I can still remember the music from Ayu Hamasaki and other seiyuus. It's cute and catchy. The only negative I have about this show is that there is no real ending. The producers made six episodic original animation videos (OAVs) because of its popularity at the time. Six episodes doesn't exactly allow room for much plot and character development either. The sixth OVA was supposed to relaunch the series, but it failed to do so.

Nevertheless, I recommend this show for classic anime fans and newbies who are just exploring the world of Japanese animation for a few short hours. You might be able to find some songs and albums on websites such as and Nipponsei. The fourth OVA is actually a collection of music videos.

  • Episode 1 End Theme: "Go, Go! Love Coup" by Aya Hisakawa

  • Episode 2 End Theme: "Not So Fast, Sexy Girl" by Kaori Honma

  • Episode 3 End Theme: "So Bad Boy" by Aya Hisakawa

  • Episode 5 End Theme: "I Like the Way I Don't Give Up on Myself (Ganbaru Watashi ga Suki") by Aya Hisakawa

  • Episode 6 End Theme: "Touch My Heart" by Aya Hisakawa

"Touch My Heart" by Ayu Hamasaki


"Full Moon Light" by Ayu Hamasaki

Bad Boy by Aya Hisakawa

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