Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"UFO Crash" Witnessed in Saudi Arabia

A friend alerted me this morning that a UFO crash has recently occurred in Saudi Arabia. Surprisingly, the Western media has not mentioned this breaking news. The news article also contains pictures. AboveTopSecret also has an active thread discussing this strange phenomenon.

Astonishing events are occuring around the world and not as much as a word about them is being written or said in the West. In Saudi Arabia last week what might well have be a UFO, possibly crashing into earth, was witnessed by literally millions of people in the vicinity. Multiple photos of the object have come to light.

Arabic language forums are abuzz with Saudi citizens claiming to have witnessed what is even being described by some in the normally conservative Saudi Arabian press as a possible UFO either crashing to earth or simply executing manoeuvres designed to scare humans. Others are claiming the object was an Asteroid or a Satellite. Witnesses are reported to be waiting for an explanation from local meteorological bureau’s but have received no answers yet.

ON Wednesday 7th of January after evening prayers a loud noise was heard in the sky followed by the sighting of an intense large light heading from the west above the Al-Qasim region east of Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh. Many locals had seen meteors prior to this but claimed this one did not fit the typical description at all: it was a blue green colour and was shooting out green lasers.

One witness Khalid commented ‘No one has ever seen anything like it.

I looked at the pictures, and the bright blue light falling in the sky eerily looked similar to the "supposed" meteor shower caught by a police dash camera in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have the video of that event below.

There are other (supernatural) beings besides humans in this universe.

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