Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Music Video: 1000 Words (Final Fantasy X-2)

As some of you already know, I am a huge Japanese animation fan. It is one of the few media industries that frequently explores paranormal, mythological, and fantasy stories. The North American media is catching up with some popular shows and movies in the past few years. For now, I tune to anime to educate and entertain my imagination. I would have never learned about the legends of Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) or Blood+ if it wasn't for anime!

I also like anime music. "1000 Words" (1000 no Kotoba in Japanese) is one of my favorite songs from the Final Fantasy series. Jade Villalon of Sweetbox sings the English version, and Kumi Koda sings the original Japanese version. This song is so enchanting and beautiful that the whole audience listens with awe. The Japanese version is even better (Koda adds more jazz to the melody)! I highly recommend the Final Fantasy movies and games.

You can find this song on the Final Fantasy X-2 OST (2004).

1000 Words (English)

1000 Words (Japanese)

Click on the link below to view the song lyrics (English only).

Here are lyrics below:

I know that you're hiding things
using gentle words to shelter me
your words were like a dream
but dreams could never fool me...
Not that easily

I acted so distant then
didn't say good-bye before you left
but I was listening
you fight your battles far from me......
Far too easily

'Save your tears 'Cause I'll come back'
I could hear that you whispered
as you walked through that door
but still I swore to hide that pain
when I turn back the pages
Shouting might've been the answer then
what if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart
but now I'm not afraid to say what's in my heart....

'Cause One Thousand words
Called out Through the Ages
They'll Fly to you
Even Though I can see
I Know That Reaching you
Suspended on Silver Wings

Oh One Thousand Words
One Thousand Embraces
Will Cradle You
Making all of Your Weary Days Seem Far Away
They'll Hold you Forever........

(Instrumental Break)

Oh One Thousand Words {One Thousand Words}
Have Never been spoken {Oh Yeah}
They'll fly to you
they'll carry you home {carry you home}
Come back into my arms
Suspended on Silver Wings {On Silver Wings}

And One thousand words {oohh}
Called out through the ages {called through the ages}
They'll cradle you {oh yeah}
Making all of your lonely years to only days {only days}
They'll hold you forever.........


One Thousand Words...


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