Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Kemonozume (2006)

Kemonozume (2006) is a graphic action Japanese anime that takes place in contemporary Japan. It adopts an unorthodox animation style that symbolizes the show’s freakish and jagged storyline. It contains thirteen episodes. Viewer discretion is advised (violence, indecent exposure and blood).

The descendants of ancient cannibal monsters, the Shokujinki, survive by eating the flesh of humans. Their hands turn into beast claws. They can assume human form and live in the shadows while they hunt. A group of skilled swordsmen, the Kifuuken, is responsible for slaying these monsters. Toshihiko Momota, the son of the organization’s leader, falls in love with a woman named Yuka. However, trouble arises in this forbidden romance when it is revealed that she is a Shokujinki. Their relationship becomes more complicated when Toshihiko vows to protect Yuka from his own clan.

When I watched this show several years ago, I thought it was weird. The animation style was intriguing and repulsive. The plot was scary and genius. The characters are thrown into chaos and hell as they try to defeat the unstoppable villain. meanwhile the two main characters believe in the power of love to overcome their different worlds.

This show is also not for the faint of heart. It has several elements: bloodshed, nudity, violence, and gore. I would rate this show under the label, NC-17, which means no one under 17 years of age should watch it. If you are looking for material related to monsters, I recommend this show. Its unconventional animation makes it a worthy consideration.

Due to the violent nature of this show, it has not been licensed in North America.

"Auvers Blue" by Katteni Shiyagare

"Suki" by Santara

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