Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: Mai HiME (2004-2005)

Mai HiME (2004-2005) is a contemporary Japanese snime series where several high school girls must engage in battle to protect the school and save the world. This series contains 26 episodes.

Mai Tokiha and her younger brother, Takumi, have received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Fuuka Academy, a K-12 private school. They take advantage of this opportunity to live better and normal lives. However, rumors spread that there are monsters that lurk in the shadows and cause trouble. Mai realizes that she and twelve other female classmates possess the supernatural powers of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment), which allows them to fight the monsters (orphans). Each HiME can materialize their own abilities (elements) and can summon metallic guardians (childs).

Mai learns to adapt to these changes as she tries to take care of her sickly brother and to avoid trouble whenever possible. With two partners (Mikoto Minagi and Natsuki Kuga) by her side, they investigate the origins of HiMEs and an evil organization (Searrs Foundation) is responsible for the creatures appearing on their school grounds. With different personalities and backgrounds, all thirteen girls must determine who they truly care about and why they want to fight. They must survive a deadly game where the loser not only sacrifices her soul but also loses the one they love.

I watched this show several years ago, and it still remains as one of my top ten best anime shows of all time. The main cast are mostly female, and they are smart, funny, and dangerous. The story development, characters' personalities, and action sequences were excellent. While there are some romance and comedy effects, this is a serious show where these destined female characters fight to discover the truth about HiME warriors.

The music is also phenomenal. I still play some of the songs, especially the tracks by the extremely talented composer, Yuki Kaijura. If you have not heard of her, please listen to her music on YouTube! She has produced background songs for many anime shows. Her music is full of energy and emotion, and she even has her own language!

Overall, I highly recommend this show. Although the creators produced another series that is set in an alternate universe (Mai-Otome), Mai-HiMe is considered the better series. This show is available to buy and rent. I also included a bonus track below. Please check it out! Enjoy!

Shining Days - Minami Kuribayashi

Kimi Ga Sora Datta - Aki Misato

Bonus: Mezame - Yuki Kaijura

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Mai HiME is an amazing series that everyone should see. The story is a real gem with some of the most powerful character relationships.

I enjoyed reading your blog entry on Mai-HiME. I'm a huge fan of the Mai-series.

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