Thursday, March 7, 2019

English Rendition of Neon Genesis Evangelion's Opening Song, Cruel Angel Thesis

I stumbled upon this English version of the song, "Cruel Angel Thesis," from the 1990s Japanese anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-1996). This song bought back so many memories of my days in high school browsing for anime in the now defunct Blockbuster Videos in my neighborhood! What a timeless era when, in my opinion, anime captivated young adult audiences. The 1990s was the heyday of Japanese anime (think Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam, Pokemon, Fushigi Yuugi, Blue Seed, Slayers, and much more). I had no idea that singer AmeLee made an English cover of this classic opening song. It totally rocks! Check it out below:


Below is a synopsis of the anime from Anime News Network:
At the age of 14 Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father to the city of Neo Tokyo-3 after several years of separation. There he unwillingly accepts the task of becoming the pilot of a giant robot by the name EVA01 and protect the world from the enigmatic invaders known as "angels." Even though he repeatedly questions why he has accepted this mission from his estranged and cold father, his doing so helps him to gradually accept himself. However, why exactly are the angels attacking and what are his father’s true intentions are yet to be unraveled.

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