Monday, January 14, 2008

Review: Black Blood Brothers (2006)

Black Blood Brothers (2006) is a fantasy anime TV show about vampires.

It is ten years after the Holy War in Hong Kong. Jirou Mochizuki, an Old Blood vampire, sided with the humans and defeated most of the Kowloon Children, a degenerate breed of vampires who threatened to take over the entire vampiric and human race. Although he lost his lover in the aftermath, Jirou returns to Japan with his younger brother, Kotaro Mochizuki. They learn that the Kowloon Children survivors of the Holy War plan to enter the "Special Zone" -- an invisible barrier that forbids them to enter unless they are officially invited.

There are three groups who cohabit in the Special Zone: the Red Bloods (humans), the Black Bloods (vampires), and the Old Bloods (the descendants of elite vampire clans). When compromiser Mimiko Katsuragi of the Order Coffin Company, an organization who is in charge of the Special Zone, inadvertently issues an invitation, all hell breaks loose. When the Kowloon Children abduct Kotaro, Jirou, also known as Silver Blade, has no choice but to fight.

I really liked this series although it was quick and short at 12 episodes. You become quite engaged with the major characters, especially Jirou's emotions. It has its funny moments too where Jirou is allergic to sunlight and water. The music is also excellent. The ending song is sung in Korean and English. This series is available to rent or buy on DVD. Enjoy!
  • Episodes: 12
  • OP Song: "Ashita no Kioku" by Naozumi Takahashi
  • ED Song: "Shinkirou" by LOVEHOLIC

"Ashita no Kioku" by Naozumi Takahashi

"Shinkirou" by LOVEHOLIC

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