Sunday, January 13, 2008

Review: Lifeblood (Vampire Files #2) I've got a bunch of crazy vampire-hunters on my trail, armed with crosses, silver bullets, and sharp wooden stakes. How did they find out about me?

...Why are they out for my blood? I don't know, but I going to get some answers even if it kills me....


Lifeblood, the second book of the Vampire File series, begins when Jack Fleming, journalist-turned vampire detective, sits at a midnight bar undercover for a case. He acts in a drunken stupor when his British private agent friend, Charles Escott, comes in his fancy attire (also undercover as a messenger man) waiting for the next move. The deal is almost done until the woman recognizes the money has been marked and leaves the joint. Escott travels to his client, Mr. Swafford, that same night to get his money and contract back for such foolish and life-threatening actions. Fleming and Escott develop a mutual friendship in the meantime where they can trust each other.

The relationship between show-girl Bobbi Smythe and Jack Fleming blossoms as she gradually accepts his supernatural condition. We learn that she is around 24 years of age while Jack is around 36 in the previous novel. However, due to his changed condition, he can pass as young as 22! She is simply beautiful, according to Fleming. Beautiful to have a bite and make love...

Fleming takes a trip to his hometown of Cincinnati to collect more bags of his earth, one of his sacred energy sources, to stash at Escott's place. Driving on the road, he notices a car has been following him for quite some time. Who are they? He wonders anxiously. He want the men to leave him alone! Later, Fleming learns a woman knows information about his ex-girlfriend Maureen. Will this tip help uncover his past and current condition?

Jack runs into a man who happens to be a passerby. So he thought. At the radio station Bobbi is kidnapped for exchange of his ability - to become a vampire. Who wants his blood so badly? Worse, he must battle another vampire! Jack must protect the people close to him from these vampire hunters and freaks. This is a case Jack must solve before it is too late.

Wow! I was simply amazed by the action and suspense in this novel. Jack Fleming is so hilarious that his use of street language makes him very sexy! The idea that Jack must go against another vampire like himself is just asking for more! This book is very personal and emotional from Fleming's perspective because he witnesses death a second time. Personally, I found it a bit much but he still has a human heart in personality. P.N. Elrod is simply amazing. This needs to be a made-for-TV miniseries!

Stay tuned for the next book in te Vampire Files series, Bloodcircle.

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