Monday, January 7, 2008

Review: Angel Heart (2005)

Angel Heart is a contemporary television drama that follows the life of 15-year-old Taiwanese assassin, Xiang Ying (also code name Glass Heart), who attempts to commit suicide by falling from a skyscraper and imapling her heart on a fence in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo. Kaori Makimura is on her way to take wedding photos with her husband, Saeba Ryo (also known as the legendary City Hunter). She saves Xiang's body before a truck kills her instantly. In a miraculous life-saving operation, she inherits Kaori's heart and the two become one spiritually.

Xiang Ying is haunted by the images and dreams of the people she has killed for the Organization as well as Kaori and her husband. She decides to track down Saebo in Japan. He had since retired from his role as City Hunter after his wife's death. When he realizes that Xiang inherited Kaori's heart, he adopts her as his own daughter. Saebo, a former mercernary, tries to help the former assassin adapt move on to a new role in the outside world.

I like this show because of its spiritual elements throughout the series. Xiang Ying inherits Kaori's heart and soul, and anyone who knew Kaori can see right into her soul. You see how over time matures Kaori and the main characters nurture her into a strong and compassionate young woman. She adopts Saeba as her father and Kaori's soul as her mother. She later participates in Saeba's cases and sometimes assumes the moniker, City Hunter.

I also love the two soundtracks for this series!! I highly recommend Gendou or Nipponsei to download Japanese anime music.

  • Episodes: 50

  • Opening (OP) Song: Three ("Finally" by Sowelu; "Lion" by Koji Tamaki; "Battlefield of Love" by Asami Izawa)

  • Ending (OP) Song: Three ("Dare ka ga Kimi wo Omotteru" by Skoop on Somebody; "Daydream Tripper" by U_WAVE; "My Destiny" by Kanon)

"Battlfield of Love" by Asami Izawa

"My Destiny" by Kanon

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