Saturday, January 5, 2008

"White Reflection" by TWO-MIX

I was nostalgic on songs tonight, and I found this anniversary video on Gundam Wing's "White Reflection" by TWO-MIX. If you have never heard of this group, they are one of the best Japanese pop-techno groups ever! Minami Takayama (vocals and composer) and Shiina Nagano (synthezier and lyricist) are legends. This song was written back in 1997! It is over ten years old now. The melody of this song always reminds me of snow falling outside or crystals sparking in a winter fantasy wonderland. Enjoy the video! (Lyrics in Japanese)

The English translation is here.

{Last updated January 2019] This video bought back so many memories that I decided to add another song from the Gundam Wing series, Last Impression ~Endless Waltz~. The song can be found on the same album as White Reflection (click on the image above).

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